Oatmeal is Healthy for Everybody, Even Weight Watchers

bowl of oatmeal

Oatmeal or porridge can play a major role in our modern diet yet few seem to know the true health benefits it gives. Oatmeal provides two of the required three daily servings of whole grains required in a healthy and balanced diet. Oatmeal is recognized by the US FDA to help reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Eating filling foods in the morning actually suppresses appetite later in the day and this makes oatmeal an ideal breakfast for weight watchers. Research clearly indicates that people who eat breakfast, like a bowl of oatmeal for instance, tend to weigh less than those who skip breakfast. Adults who eat cereals, cooked or cold, have a lower body mass index than those who eat a combinations of meat and eggs, or those who skip breakfast altogether.

The biggest problem you are likely to face if you are trying to lose weight is serving sizes. I’ve lost count of the number of weight watchers who have told me that they follow a strict diet regime but never seem to lose weight, then they serve themselves at least double the recommended serving sizes. Serving sizes are the biggest problem that most weight watchers contend with and when they come to terms with serving sizes they not only start losing weight they keep it off too. Sometimes all it takes is a change in your daily habits to regain health.

This article reflects the views of the author and is not meant to be medical advice. As with anything dealing with your health, you should see a medical professional for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of specific health problems.

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